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What was Lois Lane Doing 50 Years Ago? (Pt. 2)

September 22, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

I can’t tell you how tempting it was to title this post “Who was Lois Lane Doing 50 years Ago?” This Curt Swan cover from Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #29 (Nov. 1961) depicting Lois being gang-kissed by the Justice League of America is perhaps one of the most disturbing images to come out of comicdom in 1961. The expressions of sexual  urgency on the faces of Aquaman and Batman are exquisitely rendered. Aquaman’s impatience is palpable. And Batman appears more than a little conflicted about being in the position of partaking in Aquaman’s sloppy seconds. However, as animalistic as their urges may be, the heroes still have the decency to form a proper line. I doubt any member of  Hell’s Angels would display such classy comportment.



  1. Dr. Freex says:

    What a difference 50 years make. Possibly Aquaman and Batman are looking forward to using this to dispel those awful rumors Dr. Wertham had been circulating about them. And predatory sister Lucy would do well to note Lois’ proper use of the classical kissing stance, with one foot kicked up in the air, to symbolize what is referred to as, “Woo woo”.

    • The Belated Nerd says:

      I think you’re on to something there. Didn’t Flash and Green Lantern have steady girlfriends? They didn’t need a “beard” like the rest of the JLA’s men in tights.

  2. CURT says:

    I would have given real money to see Lois wind up in the sack with some of these “real men”!!!

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