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The Creature in the Black Bog

September 21, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

The Jack Kirby cover of Tales of Suspense #23 depicts a scene from a Stan Lee/Steve Ditko backup story called The Creature from the Black Bog. Ordinarily, the cover of ToS would show a scene from the Kirby drawn first story in the book. The lead story that month (“I Entered the Dimension of Doom”) contained a number of features that would have made for an exciting cover; a two-dimensional world populated with frog-faced creatures and a giant “hypno-creature”.

Kirby’s cover is strikingly threatening compared to the rather sweet and endearing story and artwork by Lee and Ditko. (I like the way Ditko draws old people!) One aspect of the cover that is an improvement is the title. The Creature in the Black Bog makes more sense than the Creature from the Black Bog.




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  3. Mario. says:

    Great — what book is the story from? Is it available in reprint? I am collecting all the Ditko reprints, and am hungry for more.

    Thanks — I love your page — I have been reading comics since the 60′s, and your page is beautiful.

    • The Belated Nerd says:

      Tales of Suspense #23 was reprinted in Marvel Masterworks Vol. 144 which was limited to 1087 copies. Your best bet is the 1970s reprint comic “Monsters on the Prowl” #19 which has a laughably inaccurate George Roussos cover featuring a handsome young couple and a violently menacing monster.

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