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  1. Thriller Picture Library: Dogfight Dixon

    October 3, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

    Thriller Picture Library  was a 64 page digest-sized comic book with black & white interior art.  Each page usually consisted of two panels; one on top of the other. Published four times a month in Britain by Fleetway it ran serialized stories featuring a variety of war, spy, and detective heroes. In 1961 the featured characters were Dogfight DixonJohn Steel, Battler Britton, Spy 13with one-off appearances by Dick Daring of the Mounties and our old friend Jet-Ace Logan.

    A 52 issue cover gallery would be a little daunting for one post, so I’m going to divy them up by featured character over the next several posts. Today’s featured character is Dogfight Dixon, RFC: