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  1. So Close to Flying Cars I Can Taste it!

    August 29, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

    Introduced at the 1961 Detroit Motor Show as a concept car, the Ford Gyron was a futuristic two-wheeled gyrocar.  One wheel was at the front and the other at the rear like a motorcycle and the car was stabilized by gyroscopes. The two occupants of the vehicle were seated side by side and, when the vehicle was stationary, two small legs appeared from the sides to support it.

    Alex Tremulis was the designer and the gyroscopic systems were based on the theories of aviation pioneer Louis Brennan. Alex Tremulis started his career at Wright Patterson Air Force Base working on the concept of Military flying saucers. He then became the chief designer for the ill-fated Tucker automobile company before joining Ford. He was also involved with Tuscan gyroscopic motorcycles and the Gyronaught XU1 gyroscopic car.


    Here are some more futuristic cars from 50 years ago that Detroit never delivered on:

    Ford Thunderbird Custom Roadster Thunderflite


    Plymouth XNR Roadster Ghia


    Chevrolet Astro III


    Chrysler Turboflite



    Detroit, Michigan may have let us down, but at least Turin, Italy gave it a go with a production car called the Fiat 600 Y Aerodinamica (Pininfarina), 1961.