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  1. What was Lois Lane up to 50 Years Ago? (Pt. 3)

    October 18, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

    Not that I ever need an excuse to revisit the goofy world of Lois Lane in 1961, but yesterday was Margot Kidder’s birthday and I feel kind of bad that I didn’t post this installment of “What was Lois Lane up to 50 Years Ago” a day earlier.  This story is one that was somehow overlooked when I posted about DC weddings a few weeks ago.

    In Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #28 (October, 1961) we find  a story called “Lois Lane, Gun-Moll”.

    “There’s an old theory that, as in the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde — each person has two personalities — one good, one evil — and that they battle for control until one dominates the other! Theory…or fact? You’ll soon see for yourself, as you watch a familiar friend change from good to evil — from reporter to robber — to become known as the notorious… Lois Lane, Gun-Moll!

    Of course, Lois’ reaction to the ray is only delayed. When it kicks in, Perry and Jimmy are the first to observe Lois in her new “evil” persona. Lois’ sister and roomie, Lucy also notices a difference.

    While snooping around in Lois’ room Lucy discovers some stolen jewelry and realizes that Lois is moonlighting as Metropolis’ newest super-villainess, the Leopard Lady. Lois chloroforms her sister and (after punching Lucy’s boyfriend Jimmy Olsen in the nose) takes her back to the Leopard Lady’s secret lair where Lois and her gang are planning their next job.

    The robbery at the Daily Planet  is interrupted by Superman in his guise as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent. Kent pretends to be knocked unconscious when Leopard Lady Lois cracks him in the head with the butt of a tommy-gun, and then follows Lois and her gang back to their hideout. Superman quickly takes out Lois’ two goons but Lois lays him low with a boulder made of synthetic kryptonite. While Superman struggles against the effects of the kryptonite, Lois informs him that she’s sick of waiting around for him to return her love and has found a new man…Lex Luthor! Lois and Luthor announce their intention to be married and make a quick exit before the synthetic kryptonite wears off.

    True to their promise, the next day, the self-proclaimed King and Queen of Crime are married on the steps of city hall where a force field prevents the police or Superman from doing anything about it. As the justice of the peace asks if anyone objects to the union, Superman pounds on the force field screaming, “I object! I do! If only I could batter through!” After the justice proclaims Mr. and Mrs. Lex Luthor man and wife, Lois turns to Superman and sneers, “Hear that, Superman? That makes it official! You had your chance to marry me, but you muffed it!” The force dome explodes and the newlyweds make their escape. Superman is so dejected, even Lana Lang doesn’t want to exploit the mopey superhero’s new relationship status.

    Meanwhile back at the hideout Lex Luthor and his gang are yucking it up over the look on Superman’s face at the wedding.  The merriment is short-lived as Superman bursts through the door and turns to Lois still in her bridal gown and proclaims, “There is evil in you Lois, an evil that must be destroyed — burned out!”  Superman then uses his heat-ray vision to…reduce Lois Lane to a pile of ashes!

    Relax! It was a robot Lois Lane all along!


  2. What was Lois Lane up to 50 Years Ago?

    August 4, 2011 by The Belated Nerd


    Since becoming a self-appointed anthropologist of 1961 pop culture, I’ve taken to asking myself a lot of “I-wonder-what-(fill in the blank)-was-like-50-years-ago” type questions. When somebody on the radio pondered, “What ever happened to Margot Kidder?” I somehow scrambled that into “What was Lois Lane up to 50 years ago?”

    Well, here we go…What’s that? You read the panel on the left and you already know that an evolution ray turned Lois into a big-headed, bald freak that only a Bizarro-Superman could love? Today’s blog post is going to be a breeze!

    The first story in Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #27 (Aug. 1961) is entitled “Lois Lane’s Super-Brain”.  Lois is assigned to interview a scientist who has invented something called a brain bank. The machine collects the wisdom and knowledge of great people and has already absorbed the intelligence of hundreds of famous people. After Lois  interviews some of the famous scientists and mathematicians contributing their vast knowledge to be stored in the machine, Lois puts the machine on her head to pose for a picture. Inadvertently, she hits the reverse switch and all the knowledge stored in the machine is stuffed into Lois’s brain.

    The next morning…you read the panel? Okay, so, Lois has this big bald head and no matter what kind of wig or hat she wears, she just can’t keep it a secret from the public. Just like any right-thinking minor celebrity, Lois flees to Las Vegas where she uses her super brain to win back a young couple’s losses at a roulette table and her giant noggin to win first prize at a science fiction convention costume contest. Bizarro-Superman then shows up and…yeah.

    As often happens in Lois Lane stories Superman comes to the rescue and…just read the panel (drawn by the under appreciated Kurt Schaffenberger).  Bizarro-Superman returns with flowers and a wedding ring but is repulsed by Lois’ normal good looks.

    By the way, Margot Kidder is doing just fine.