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  1. Thriller Picture Library: Spy 13

    October 6, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

    Thriller Picture Library was a 64 page digest-sized comic book with black & white interior art.  Each page usually consisted of two panels; one on top of the other. Published four times a month in Britain by Fleetway it ran serialized stories featuring a variety of war, spy, and detective heroes. In 1961 the featured characters were Dogfight DixonJohn Steel, Battler Britton, Spy 13with one-off appearances by Dick Daring of the Mounties and our old friend Jet-Ace Logan.

    Today’s featured series is Spy 13, starring Allied secret agent David Doughty whose specialty was infiltrating and thwarting the Nazi war machine.  Armando Bonato, Graham Coton, Antonio Canale (Tony Chan), Kurt Caesar and Aurelio Bevia all worked on the series at one time or another, but most of the 1961 stories appear to be the work of  Alberto Breccia.

    I hate to end this post with a cover depicting Spy 13 fending off a Nazi alligator, so here is an interior panel by Alberto Breccia.