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  1. Linda Carter, Student Nurse

    November 18, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

    Linda Carter, Student Nurse debuted in 1961 and ran for nine issues until it was cancelled to make room for The Amazing Spider-Man.  The first issue (Sept. 1961) was clearly intended by creators Stan Lee and Al Hartley to be firmly in the genre camp of teenage humor, but by issue 2, the title was well on the way to becoming a more traditional Romance comic, a transition that was also made by the Hartley drawn Patsy Walker.

    Most conflict in the series was sparked by a blonde student nurse named Gwen Glitter who envied how men (doctors, patients, college boys, anything with a Y chromosome) were constantly falling in love with Linda. Linda was blithely unaware of Gwen’s schemes to sabotage her love life since they all ultimately backfired. Other supporting characters included doctors Steve Stuart and Jackson Jangle, classmate Dolly Noonan, and the tough but motherly Nurse Barker. In addition to the stories, the title often contained fashion features such as cut-out paper dolls and reader polls suggesting new hair styles and uniforms for the characters.

    Linda Carter would return as Night Nurse in 1972 but as a blonde with an entirely different cast of friends and co-workers.