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  1. Chip Martin College Reporter

    November 9, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

    Chip Martin College Reporter appeared in Boy’s Life from 1960 to at least 1967.  The strip appeared in advertising space purchased by AT&T. The first several years of the strip were signed by artist Tom Scheuer. It appears that another artist took over the strip in later years. It is speculated by many experts that Neal Adams was that artist.

    In his seven-year stint as a reporter for a college newspaper, one wonders why poor Chip wasn’t interested in any leads other than Ma Bell press releases and field trips to telecommunications labs. I guess hot rods, surfing, LSD, and the Beatles just didn’t interest Chip the same way a Princess phone did. Even when not on the job himself, he can’t help but preach the glories of Bell Telephone systems to anyone who’ll listen. Check out the strip where he convinces his fellow reporter to use the Bell Telephone System to complete an article on Big Business! I don’t know why he wouldn’t just use whatever phone was available in the college newsroom. Then again, Ma Bell should have provided all of Franklin Tech’s IT for free considering how much ink they received in that school’s newspaper.