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  1. Thriller Picture Library: Dick Daring of the Mounties

    October 7, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

    Thriller Picture Library was a 64 page digest-sized comic book with black & white interior art.  Each page usually consisted of two panels; one on top of the other. Published four times a month in Britain by Fleetway it ran serialized stories featuring a variety of war, spy, and detective heroes. In 1961 the featured characters were Dogfight DixonJohn Steel, Battler Britton, Spy 13with one-off appearances by Dick Daring of the Mounties and our old friend Jet-Ace Logan.

    Dick Daring of the Mounties was a friend of the Indians who fought against their oppressors and other criminals, from his headquarters in Creek Town, Yukon Territory. The series was created by Reg Bunn specifically for  Thriller Picture Library. The list of artists on the series reads like a Genoese phone book: Sergio Tarquinio, Franco Bignotti, Virgilio Muzzi, Renato Polese, Gallieno Ferri, and Vittorio Cossio. Argentinians Carlos V. Roume and Martin El Salvador also contributed to Dick Daring. These artists were often instructed to leave the faces on recurring characters blank so Reg Bunn could finish them himself. Daring only featured in one issue of Thriller Picture Library in 1961. Likely, the creators of Dogfight Dixon needed a break so this story was pulled from inventory left over from Daring‘s run the previous year. This would be the intrepid Canadian’s last appearance in Thriller.