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  1. What was Lois Lane up to 50 Years Ago?

    August 4, 2011 by The Belated Nerd


    Since becoming a self-appointed anthropologist of 1961 pop culture, I’ve taken to asking myself a lot of “I-wonder-what-(fill in the blank)-was-like-50-years-ago” type questions. When somebody on the radio pondered, “What ever happened to Margot Kidder?” I somehow scrambled that into “What was Lois Lane up to 50 years ago?”

    Well, here we go…What’s that? You read the panel on the left and you already know that an evolution ray turned Lois into a big-headed, bald freak that only a Bizarro-Superman could love? Today’s blog post is going to be a breeze!

    The first story in Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #27 (Aug. 1961) is entitled “Lois Lane’s Super-Brain”.  Lois is assigned to interview a scientist who has invented something called a brain bank. The machine collects the wisdom and knowledge of great people and has already absorbed the intelligence of hundreds of famous people. After Lois  interviews some of the famous scientists and mathematicians contributing their vast knowledge to be stored in the machine, Lois puts the machine on her head to pose for a picture. Inadvertently, she hits the reverse switch and all the knowledge stored in the machine is stuffed into Lois’s brain.

    The next morning…you read the panel? Okay, so, Lois has this big bald head and no matter what kind of wig or hat she wears, she just can’t keep it a secret from the public. Just like any right-thinking minor celebrity, Lois flees to Las Vegas where she uses her super brain to win back a young couple’s losses at a roulette table and her giant noggin to win first prize at a science fiction convention costume contest. Bizarro-Superman then shows up and…yeah.

    As often happens in Lois Lane stories Superman comes to the rescue and…just read the panel (drawn by the under appreciated Kurt Schaffenberger).  Bizarro-Superman returns with flowers and a wedding ring but is repulsed by Lois’ normal good looks.

    By the way, Margot Kidder is doing just fine.