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Seacon 1961

October 24, 2011 by The Belated Nerd

This post is even more belated than usual since the 19th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), also known as Seacon, was held September 2-4, 1961.  Held at the Hyatt House Hotel, Seattle was a fortunate site for a Science Fiction convention since a year later the city would host the future-themed Century 21 Exposition (better  known as the Seattle World’s Fair.) Only a few blocks from the hotel was the unfinished Space Needle, still missing its flying saucer-shaped top.

The guest of honor at the 19th Worldcon was Robert A. Heinlein, who gave a speech titled “The Future Revisited”. The Toastmaster was Harlan Ellison and the convention chairman was Wally Weber.

The following Hugo Awards (named after Hugo Gernsback) were presented for the best science fiction or fantasy works of 1960.

Best Novel – A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr.
Best Short Fiction – “The Longest Voyage” by Poul Anderson
Best Dramatic Presentation – The Twilight Zone (TV series) by Rod Serling
Best Professional Magazine – Astounding/Analog edited by John W. Campbell, Jr.
Best Professional Artist – Ed Emshwiller
Best Fanzine – Who Killed Science Fiction? edited by Earl Kemp

Other notable attendees… You know what? Let’s skip the rest of the program and get straight to the good stuff. Fifty-year-old cosplay!


  1. Henry Gonzalez says:

    Only a few block for the Space Needle? I think 15 miles is a little more than a few blocks.

  2. The Belated Nerd says:

    I think I confused the Hyatt House with the Edgewater. Where was the old Hyatt House, then? 15 miles must have put it in Seatac.

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