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The first illustration of the Gemini spacecraft to be released publicly was distributed at the same time NASA announced that the project was to be named “Gemini.” (NASA Photo S-62-88, released Jan. 3, 1962.)


UPI – September 29, 1961:


From the Chicago Tribune, Sept. 23, 1961: “Mike Rotolo and Queenie show off the large sponge mushrooms he found near Lake Good Road”




Chicago Tribune – September 15, 1961:

This ad appeared in several DC comic books sold in September, 1961 (cover dated Nov. 1961). By the following month, the price of all DC comic books were raised to 12 cents. (For more details: 10¢ Comics Books: The Long Road to Extinction)


From the September 1961 issue of “Space World” magazine:

The 1961 Patent for Lego building blocks via

August 24th 1961 photo of U.S. Navy Oceanographic and Meteorological Automatic Device NOMAD in the Gulf of Mexico

Sheet metal man Robert Calloway stands in the center of 16 mechanical robots in Peoria, Ill., which he made for a promotion firm in 1961. The robots stand 6 feet tall and weigh fifty pounds. They have a built-in tape recorder and move their heads and arms when delivering a message. The cost of the sheet metal robot is around two hundred dollars.























Vincent Price takes an iced coffee break during shooting for Roger Corman’s  ”Tales of Terror”:


Elvis Presley on location for the film Follow That Dream. Co-star Anne Helm stands behind Elvis. 8/11/1961 Yankeetown, Florida










Here’s a Disneyland  ”E” Ticket from late 1961. Notice that 4 of the 11 rides are really the same ride. More about the extinct “Flying Saucers” ride can be found in the blog post Flying Saucers: The Forgotten Ride

Popular Mechanics – July 28, 1961:



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